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Rozovsky’s are mysterious, powerful, rebellious, loners. The main Rozovsky’s in the seriesare Adam and Alexandra.

Adam Rozovsky

Rozovsky Bloodline Post 2 Adam Caspian-Rozovsky

Adam is the lead character in the Scion Saga Series! He’s is a lean muscular 16 year old. Initially, he’s frustrated and depressed because he doesn’t know what’s happening to him. The biokenretic mutations make him a selective loner. He’s a tall, hazel eyed gorgeous young man. He’s skilled in the martial arts. In Book 1, he discovers that he’s adopted and that he descends from the Rozovsky Bloodline.

Adam Rozovsky

Split Adam BackgroundHe controls the wind and affectionately refers to it as Zsita. Aerokinreyis. Having control of air grants him the ability to fly. Later, he discovers his ability to access human memories.

Adam's Limbal Ring Cropped

His Limbal Ring glows Harvest Gold in color when his biokenretic core activates!

Alexandra Rozovsky

Alexandra is Adam’s biological mother. She was captured by the Iksha as a…

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