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Wit’s are fierce, independent, pokerfaced, inquisitive, and analytical. The main Wit’s in the seriesare Carly, Dauma, Jude, Erik, Ian, Chandler, and Vera. Ian and Chandler aren’t fully introduced until Book 2, so we’ll focus on the others.

Dauma Wit

Dauma Facebook Post Dauma Wit

Dauma is Carly’s mother. She has Ethiopian and Egyptian heritage. She’s tall, impeccably built, calm, pokerfaced, and unbelievably strong. She’s the eldest, wisest, and strongest of all Descendants. She’s a no nonsense parent who teaches Carly to be strong and responsible at all times. She possesses a plethora of abilities. Ambient energy manipulation, hybrid bio-scan, DNA manipulation and analysis. Her Limbal Ring glows amethyst in color when her core is active.

Carly Wit

Carly Wit

Carly is a fit 16 year old girl. She’s a strong, independent, Afro-Russian implant from Silver Springs, Minnesota. She’s respectful, intelligent, analytical, and inquisitive.

She controls fire in every form. Pyrokinreyis. She has…

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